1. Introduction

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Congratulations on your purchase of the new Behringer X AIR series digital mixer. These mixers offer plenty of analog I/O for most performances in a very compact form factor that is easy to transport, but doesn't sacrifice any mixing power. With high-end features taken from the flagship X32 mixer, such as MIDAS-designed preamps, high-quality effects, P-16 monitoring, and multi-channel USB recording capability, these consoles far outperform their size.

Mixing live shows can now be done from anywhere in the venue thanks to the wireless control options that allow all software functions to be controlled from an iPad, Android tablet or PC. While a dedicated external router can be used, it is not necessary thanks to the integrated Wifi module. This allows monitors to be adjusted while standing on stage, and the main mix to be perfected from anywhere in the crowd.

In addition to the 6 aux buses for monitoring, the X AIR has 4 studio-quality stereo effects processors. In fact, these are the same great effects found in the acclaimed X32 mixer, including legendary reverb, echo and chorus algorithms.

Not just a live sound tool, the X18 and XR18 feature an 18x18 USB audio/MIDI interface, and the XR12 and XR16 allow 2-track stereo recording. This makes for a great mobile recording device, home studio interface, and enables live performances to be multitracked for later mixing.

Continue through this manual to learn all about the functionality of your mixer, as well as the X AIR software.