2.2 XR12/16 Callouts

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XR12 callouts.png

1. ETHERNET port allows the mixer to be controlled via LAN or connected Wifi router.

2. REMOTE switch selects between Ethernet, Wifi client, or Access Point. See the Network Connection chapter for details.

3. RESET button resets the console to default network parameters when held for 2 seconds. When held for 10 seconds, all console functions are reset to factory default status.

4. MIDI IN/OUT jacks send and receive MIDI signals to and from external equipment. See the MIDI Implementation chart for details.

5. USB port (type A) accepts a flash drive for file storage, stereo recordings and playback. The red LED next to it indicates file access. Do not remove the USB flash drive while it is lit!

6. XLR COMBO jacks accept balanced and unbalanced XLR and ¼ " plugs.

7. ¼ " inputs accept balanced or unbalanced ¼ " plugs. Channel 15 and 16 on the XR16 (channel 11 and 12 on the XR12) accept high impedance sources for direct connection of guitars and basses.

8. AUX SEND jacks send your monitor mixes to stage monitors or headphone mixers. The XR16 uses XLR connectors while the XR12 uses balanced ¼ " jacks.

9. MAIN L/R jacks send the main mix signal to PA or monitor speakers via XLR cables.

10. HEADPHONE jack accepts a ¼ " TRS plug for connecting a pair of headphones.

11. PHONES LEVEL knob determines the output of the headphones jack.

12. POWER switch turns the mixer on and off . The front panel LED will light when the unit is powered on.