Default setup for connecting to monitoring and P.A. systems

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The X32 comes pre-configured with the local XLR inputs connected to input channels 1-32, and XLR outputs 1-14 connected to the mix bus masters 1-14. Bus masters 13-16 are connected to the effects inputs FX1-4. The Main LR (stereo) signal is normally put out on XLR outputs 15/16.

The Monitoring outputs on ¼" and XLR connectors, and the two Phones outputs (in the side-cap handles) always carry either the Monitor Source signal or any solo signal, whenever a solo button is active. Press the View button in the Monitor section to check or change the solo and monitoring preferences.

1. Power up the X32 console first, before any connected power amps or speakers are switched on.

2. Connect cables to XLR outputs 15 and 16 on the rear panel, connecting the other ends of the cables to the inputs of your P.A. system. These normally carry the main stereo bus left and right.

3. All buses or input channels that are to be put out on the main PA system must have their Stereo Bus switches on. Use the selected channel’s pan control to place the signal within the main stereo field, and the channel’s fader to set the volume.

4. Use the rear panel Monitoring outputs to connect monitor speakers or, if you prefer, use the ¼" outputs in the sidecaps to connect your head phones. You will either hear the monitor source signal, which is Main Stereo by default, or any channel with its solo button being active.