How do I use an outboard effects processor?

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In some situations, you may wish to use a loop-style effect provided by an external effect processor, as opposed to using one of the eight built-in processors. To do so:

• Press the ROUTE button, page right to the “Aux Out” screen, and adjust the first and fourth encoders to tie a rear panel ¼" aux out, such as Aux Out 1, to an available mix bus, such as Mix Bus 2.

• Patch rear panel Aux Output 1 to the input of your external effects processor.

• Patch the output of the external effects processor to rear panel Aux Input 1.

• Select the “Aux In/FX/USB” layer, select the “Aux 1” channel, and make sure the stereo button is lit so that the Aux 1 return signal is assigned to the main LR bus.

• Move the Aux 1 channel fader to 0 dB.

• Adjust the settings on the external effects processor to taste.