How to setup an X32 Rack as an S16

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The X32 Rack can be configured to function in various ways.

The following configures the Rack to function as an S16 stagebox, including Ultranet output.

Initial Setup

  • AES50 cable from FOH to Rack - FOH port A to Rack port A
  • AES50 cable from Rack to S16 (if connected) - Rack port B to S16 port A
  • S16 (if connected) is in mode 1
  • Syncronization on Rack is set to AES50A
  • Rack HA Remote Preamp - set to AES50A

To setup FOH to receive Rack inputs as 17-32

FOH Routing, Home

  • Inputs 17-24 -> AES50 A1-8
  • Inputs 25-32 -> AES50 A9-16


 X32 Rack as a first S16
 X32 Rack as a second S16
 Ultranet transfer to X32 Rack

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