How to setup an X32 Rack as an S16

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The X32 Rack can be setup to function as an S16, (either as first or second S16). These instructions are for firmware version 2 (or newer) which introduced the XLR out tab of the Routing screen to allow outputs from FOH X32 to be redirected to the Rack outputs directly.

Initial setup

  • Connect the AES50 cable from FOH to the AES50-A port of the Rack.
  • If an S16 is added, set the S16 in mode 1 and connect the AES50 cable from the S16 AES50-A port to the Rack AES50-B port.
  • Goto the Routing screen of the Rack

X32 Rack as the first S16

The Rack inputs (1-16) need to be routed to the FOH

  • AES50-a, Outputs 1-8 -> Local 1-8
  • AES50-a, Outputs 9-16 -> Local 9-16

The S16 inputs need to be transferred through the Rack to the FOH

  • AES50-a, Outputs 17-24 -> AES50 B1-8
  • AES50-a, Outputs 25-32 -> AES50 B9-16

The Rack outputs need to be assigned outputs 1-8 from FOH

  • XLR Out, Outputs 1-4 -> AES50 A1-4
  • XLR Out, Outputs 5-8 -> AES50 A5-8

The S16 outputs need to be assigned outputs 9-16 from FOH

  • AES50-b, Outputs 1-8 -> AES50 A1-8

If the Ultranet from FOH is to be transferred to the S16

  • AES50-b, Outputs 33-40 -> AES50 A33-40
  • AES50-b, Outputs 41-48 -> AES50 A41-48

X32 Rack as the second S16 X32 Rack as a second S16

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