Input Channel Banks

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InputChannelBanks Callouts.png

7. Layer Select – Select either the channels 1-16, channels 17-32, Aux In/USB/FX Returns, or Bus Masters layer with these 4 buttons. The currently active layer will light.

8. DAW Remote – Press this to enable DAW remote control.

9. Select – Press this button to select an input or bus (depending which layer is active) and allow it to be edited by the Channel Strip and Main Display.

10. Channel Meter – This displays the signal level of the input or bus (depending which layer is active). The Gate and Comp LEDs light to indicate that noise gate and/or compression are active.

11. Solo – Press this button to send the channel to the Solo Bus.

12. Mini Display – Information such as channel number, nickname, input source and graphical icon are displayed on this color LCD screen.

13. Mute – Press this button to mute the channel.

14. Fader – Use this to adjust the channel volume or bus send in ’Sends on Faders’ mode. The faders will automatically display the current status as layers and functions are changed.