OSC Server initiated messages

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(~ stands for null character)

Operation OSC address Parameters Comments
Info request /info <string server_version>

<string server_name>

<string console_model>

<string console_version>

Returns names and version numbers, e.g. :
Status request /status <string state>

<string IP_address >

<string server_name >

Returns console status and IP , e.g. :
Console changes /-stat float> If /xremote is active, the X32 console reports all changes made either via /-stat or <OSC path> operations, e.g. pressing on channel one solo button will generate (if no other solo button is engaged):
Set console parameter

Get console parameter

<OSC path> int | float value> If /xremote is active, the X32 console echoes the value of a console parameter in response to a get, set from client or X32 parameter change, e.g.
/ch/01/mix/01/pan ,f <float>