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The X32 hosts an Ethernet port on its rear panel which can be used to connect and remote control it over a network via the X32-Mix on an iPad or the X32-Edit application on a PC. To be able to do this the X32 has to be set up properly.

• Press the SETUP button next to the screen.

• Go to the Network tab.

• Use encoder 1 to choose between IP address, Subnet mask and Gateway. Adjust the address fields with the encoders 2-5 and assign the selected numbers with encoder #6.

• Set an IP address which fits your network, normally 192.168.0.X. The IP address should be free within the network.

• Set your subnet mask according to your network, normally

• Set your gateway, if required.

Now get your iPad or remote PC into the same network and open the X32-Edit. PC:

• On the X32-Edit, choose setup on the right side and the network tab. Enter the IP address of the X32 in the network and press connect.

• If the software has connected to the X32 you can also synchronize them in 2 directions. Console -> PC means all settings in the X32 will be loaded into the X32-Edit. PC -> Console means that all settings in the X32-Edit will be written to the console. X32-Mix

• For the X32-Mix remote, open the program on your iPad (make sure the iPad is connected to the same network as the console).

• On the startup screen, a popup should appear. Enter the IP of the console, press “Go Online”, et voilà: you are connected and can control the X32 with your iPad.