S16: Callouts

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S16 front.png

S16 back.png

1. PHANTOM LEDs light when the 48 V button is engaged for a particular channel.

2. MIDAS-designed mic/line inputs accept balanced XLR male plugs.

3. GAIN button, when pressed and held, displays the currently selected mic input’s gain setting, which may then be adjusted using the SELECT/ADJUST knob.

4. DISPLAY shows the selected channel number, its gain setting, or the sample rate in Snake Master configuration.

5. NETWORK LINK LEDs light red to indicate the AES50 ports are connected but not synchronized, and light green to indicate they are connected and synchronized.

6. 48 V button sends phantom power to the currently selected mic input,indicated by a lit button when active.

7. STATUS LEDs show the operation mode of various features. See the Operation Mode Chart for details. The HA LOCKED LED indicates that preamp gain adjustment has been blocked by the controlling X32. To unlock, open the X32 Setup/Global page and un-check the General Preference ’Lock Stagebox’.

8. CONFIG button, when pressed and held, allows the device’s operation mode to be adjusted by the SELECT/ADJUST knob. See Operation Mode Chart for details.

9. SELECT/ADJUST knob scrolls through the 16 channels, adjusts the gain of the currently selected input, and changes the operating mode. Push repeatedly to scroll Inputs, Outputs, P16 channels, ADAT outputs, and Stage (only in Snake Master mode).

10. LED METER displays the signal level of the currently selected channel.

11. MONITORING LEVEL knob adjusts the level of the PHONES output.

12. XLR outputs accept balanced XLR female plugs.

13. POWER switch turns the unit on and off.

14. USB input accepts a USB type-B plug for firmware updates via PC.

15. AES50 ports allow connection to a SuperMAC digital multichannel audio network via shielded Cat-5e Ethernet cable with terminated ends. This allows connection to digital mixers or cascading of multiple S16 units.

16. ULTRANET port sends 16 channels to a Behringer P-16 personal monitoring system.

17. ADAT OUT jacks send AES50 channels 17-32 to external equipment via optical cable, or split the local 16 inputs for direct ADAT recording.

18. MIDI IN/OUT jacks accept standard 5-pin MIDI cables for MIDI communication to and from an X32 console.