S16: Cascaded Operation

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To make use of the S16’s full potential, up to 3 units can be cascaded to allow 48 channels of bidirectional audio. Any AES50 signals cascaded from one S16’s port A to another S16’s port B are automatically shifted up 16 channels, allowing the last S16 in the chain to transmit all audio channels to and from the stage via its AES50-A port. The X32 Routing home page allows selection of the incoming AES50 signals that can be connected to the channel processing. The routing of the audio sent from console to stage box can be adjusted on the X32 Routing AES50 pages, respectively.

S16 inputrouting.png

Signals sent from the X32 to the stage are seen the same on all S16 units in the chain. AES50 channels 1-8 will appear on the XLR OUTPUTS of each unit. To achieve maximum output to the stage, the 2nd and 3rd units in the chain must have their physical OUTPUTS set to OUT +8 and OUT +16 respectively.

S16 outputrouting.png

The following chart details the signal flow to and from the stage when using 3 S16 units.

S16 routingpanel.png