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The S16 Digital Snake is a 16-in, 8-out stagebox that features AES50 networking with KLARK TEKNIK SuperMac technology. Designed with multiple scenarios in mind, the S16 works equally well as a stand-alone pair for use with analog mixing consoles, or as part of the trio of BEHRINGER’s digital mixing solution along with the X32 digital mixer and P16 personal monitoring system.

The 16 MIDAS-designed XLR inputs are fully programmable and remote- controllable from the X32. 8 balanced XLR outputs provide ample sends to the stage for mains and monitoring. The front panel also allows the level and phantom power to be controlled for all inputs and outputs, accompanied by an 8-LED meter and 7-segment display. The currently selected channel can be monitored via 1/4" headphone jack with level control.

Dual AES50 jacks allow transmission of all audio and MIDI data to the FOH X32 with a single Ethernet cable, and also allow up to 3 S16s to be cascaded for maximum channel count. In this scenario, 48 bidirectional audio channels at 24-bit / 48 kHz can be transferred on just one CAT5 line between FOH and stage, including 48 analog inputs from stage, 24 analog outputs on stage as well as the 16 Ultranet channels, MIDI data and head amp remote control.

An additional Ultranet output provides the 16 channels for use with BEHRINGER’s P16 personal monitoring system via Ethernet cable, allowing each musician to dial in their own custom mix from the stage. A pair of ADAT ports can carry additional sends to the stage beyond the 8 analog outputs, or split the 16 inputs. Lastly, a USB jack allows for future firmware updates.