S16: MIDI Communication

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The S16 head amp gain and phantom power settings can be controlled remotely via MIDI whenever it is used standalone, independent from X32 console products.

Note: The S16 will only accept MIDI controls when its preamps are not controlled via AES50 already. Connection to an X32 series console or another S16 in SN Master mode will always inhibit reception of preamp related MIDI commands.

The standard channel for transmit/receive of MIDI controls is 1. MIDI channel 2 is used when the SN slave unit is to be controlled via the SN Master unit.

S16 MIDI.png

Note: The string 0xEE, 0x7E, 0x7E can be sent for testing if an S16 is communicating via MIDI. The response would be 0xEE, 0x7E, 0x7F when MIDI inputs and outputs of S16 are connected to the test interface.