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The following tables describe communication messages that are sent by the server, as long as a client registered to receive server updates using the /xremote command.

Path Type Range
/-stat/solo int Reports 0/1 for OFF/ON Clear Solo switch blinking
/-stat/tape/file string Returns file path , ex: “/dir000/R_20130105-205752.wav”
/-stat/tape/etime int Returns elapsed time in seconds during playback or recording file (every second)
/-stat/tape/rtime int Returns remaining time in seconds of playing media or file (every second)
/-stat/rta/modegeq int RTA display mode selection for GEQ effect
0: Bar[graph]
1: Spec[trograph]
/-stat/rtageqpost int RTA chain position selection for GEQ effect
0: pre
1: post
/-stat/rtaresource int RTA source / Position combination?

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