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The X32’s assignable controls section lets you take the adjustments you make most often, and assign them to a group of dedicated controls that are assigned to just those functions, and nothing else. The assignable controls offer 8 buttons and 4 knobs, with dedicated LCD screens to remind you of the currently assigned function.

For example, you could program one of the knobs to control the aux send on the vocal channel feeding an internal reverb effect. Then, if you ever want to make the vocalist sound more “wet” or “dry” during different songs in a set, you can simply reach for that knob and it will always provide a quick and convenient place to make that adjustment.

Additionally, the assignable controls are divided into “A”, “B”, and “C” groups, so you can actually program in 3 different sets of controls, offering a total of 36 different functions.

Setting up the assignable controls is easy:

1. Press the “view” button in the assignable controls section. The main screen will switch to a view that lets you make assignments for the custom controls.

2. The main screen will show assignments for all 3 sets of custom controls (A, B, and C) on one page. Rotate any of the first five encoders to move the orange “focus” box to the specific set of custom controls you wish to assign.

3. Press any of encoders 1-5 to switch to the edit screen for the specific custom control that you have highlighted. The main screen will switch to an editing screen where you can assign a console parameter to the custom control.

4. Adjust and press the encoders 3-6 on the editing screen from left to right to make a custom control assignment.

5. When you are finished, you will see that the LCD screen located in the custom controls section reflects the assignment you have made in both screen color and text.

6. You are now free to use and enjoy the custom assignments you have made.