V2.0 Firmware: New Effects Programs

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Version 2.0 Firmware added new FX units into the internal FX Library. These units consist of:

  • 3 new reverb effects emulating Lexicon 480L Rich Chamber, Room and Rich Plate programs
  • 3 new delay effects including Telray-oil-can, tape and BBD lofi delays, as well as a 4-Tap Rhythm Delay
  • Multiband Compressor with several automatic features
  • Emulations of Vintage Compressors such as Fairchild 670, Teletronix LA-2A, Urei 1176LN
  • Emulations of Vintage EQ such as Pullteq EQP-1a and MEQ5
  • Emulation of Roland Dimension D Chorus
  • Dual Sub Octaver and emulation of Sonic Maximizer effects
  • Edison Stereo Field controller with M/S input and output options
  • Guitar cabinet emulations with impulse responses for treating guitar amp direct-out signals