V2.0 Firmware: New Feature points

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  • New Sends on Fader function can be used with any target bus, including Input Channels → Main Mono/Center and Bus/Main Mixes → Matrices.
  • Sends on Faders is only automatically deactivated when switching to DCA fader layer
  • Improved indication of sends on fader signal flow on small displays
  • Sends on Fader button flashing, to show its activity more obviously
  • Console Lock function removed from Setup menu. Now pressing HOME for 3 s will activate/deactivate the control surface Lock function (pressing a second button currently with HOME while locking the console, can be used to customize the Lock. For unlocking, HOME will have to be held depressed together with that same button, again
  • When console is locked the faders are disabled but can still be remote controlled
  • Console lock function on HOME button also doubles as Safe Shutdown function
  • Compressor threshold range optimized/reduced to -60..0 dBFS
  • Gate can now be used in expander mode, too (Ratios 1:2, 1:3, 1:4)
  • Gate and Compressor now with key signal level indication in gain curve display
  • Console initialization now sets the bus send 1-8 default to post eq (i.e. pre dynamics) instead of pre fader (i.e. post processing)
  • The Lock function for S16 stagebox head-amp control is now moved to the SETUP/preamps page
  • User Assign rotary controls now available on the Assign/home page (useful for rack/producer/compact, which do not have physical rotaries in the Assign section)
  • DCAs now show level meters displaying the max post fader level of all assigned channels
  • Additional Input/Low-Cut (i.e. Pre Gate) signal tap for input channel bus sends
  • Smarter handling of send levels when changing bus mode to SubGroup and back, again.
  • Channel AFL solo is now working correctly on auxes and FX returns