V2.0 Firmware: Scene/Snippet/Cue Management

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Several new features added in V2.0 firmware drastically expand the flexibility and agility of automation within a show:

  • Cue List with 500 Cue entries and additional editing operations
  • New flexible structure called 'Snippet', which allows for setting selective paramter and channel filters for storage. Recalling a Snippet will exclusively affect the stored bits of information, leaving the remaining console status untouched. This allows to surgically introduce specific bits of automation into the current mix status
  • 100 of the new Snippets can be stored internally, or can be exported/imported to/from USB drives
  • Every one of the Snippets can be loaded separately from scenes, or together with a scene recall
  • 100 Scenes remain to be covering a complete snapshot of the console parameter status, but the same scene can now be re-used in several cues
  • Every Cue can load any one of the 100 internal Scenes and /or one of the 100 Snippets concurrently or separately
  • By separating Cues from the actual scene and snippet memory, X32 V2.0 provides a new level of agility in automation
  • New Scene "0" ignores any safe flags and thus offers a new way of establishing a customizable initialization of the console.

100 Snippets

A Snippet can contain any specific selection of parameters a user may find suitable, such as EQ, Insert, Fader, Mute, Send levels etc. The objective of Snippets is to store and recall a focused automation element into the current state of the console, and a Snippet will also be focused on a random selection of channels (inputs, returns or any mixes). When loading this Snippet the previously stored information will replace the respective console parameters, while the rest remains as is.

Example: When storing the EQs for the drum set on channels 1-8 like in the example below, all other settings will be ignored.

500 Cues listed

The Cue List located on the "HOME" tab is capable of containing up to 500 steps that can easily be launched using the console's Next/Go buttons. Using Cues and combining Scenes and Snippets automation opens up a new universe of applications. The combination of Scene X and Snippets 1 to 100 could be seen as 100 variations of Scene X.

The Cue List not only offers more automation events than before, it also enables a new dynamic dimension to show automation.

If a show can be extensively prepared and automated, there is usually a number of factors requiring attention and manual editing from the mix engineer. With the new Snippets function, your show file can literally learn along with the performance. Examples of how this work may be that a substitute for the drummer is showing up on short notice, or the vocal ensemble's headsets are fixed slightly different than the night before, resulting in an odd response with the prepared scene automation. By Identifying possible parameters that would need to be changed and storing those into a Snippet, the show can now be operated in a new dynamic way. Any adjustments the engineer deems suitable during the show, can be stored back into that same Snippet. Subsequent instances of the same Snippet will then reflect the amendments the engineer had applied previously.

Scene 0 The new Scene 0 allows you to load any initial status into the console directly, ignoring all scene/parameter/channel safes.

The depth of detail when setting the safe flags for show automation enables tailoring the automation to a wide range of applications. In order to initialize the console status to your personal preferences, you will need to reset all flags to OFF, before you load can load a baseline scene. You may have to set all the required safes again, afterwards.