V2.0 MIDI Implementation

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Additional MIDI control options have been made available. These new additions include:

  • Channel/Bus faders, mute and pan control positions can be transmitted and received via the physical MIDI I/O port or Card MIDI (X-USB or X-UF cards installed)
  • Individual flags on the Setup/remote tab allow to configure the parameters for TX/RX
  • Fader information is transmitted on MIDI CH01, Status 176 (xB0), CC# 0…79, 0/95/127
  • Mute on MIDI CH02, Status 177 (xB1), CC# 0…79, 0/127 (Mute off/Mute on)
  • Pan on MIDI CH03, Status 178 (xB2), CC# 0…79, 1/64/127