V2.0 Routing and Patching

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Output routing matrix now treats the output signals and XLR Output connectors separately, allowing you to send signals directly from AES50 or expansion cards to the XLR Outputs. This makes it so that you do no longer are losing input channels and Output 1-16 signal patching functions – e.g. for passing FOH signals through. When setting up your output patching, you now have the option to tap your signal pre/post the mute function of each channel. (e.g. mute P16 feeds with channel mutes)

Tap points now available

Tap Point Explanation
IN/LC Post Input Gain & Lo Cut filter
IN/LC +M Post Input Gain & Lo Cut filter (channel Mute active)
PreEQ Post Gate
PreEQ +M Post Gate (channel Mute active)
PostEQ Post EQ
PostEQ +M Post EQ (channel Mute active)
PreFdr Pre Fader-Post Dynamics
PreFdr +M Pre Fader-Post Dynamics (channel Mute active)
Post Fader Post Fader