X32 COMPACT: USB Interface Operation Guide

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Host system requirements for X-USB interface expansion card

Check the BEHRINGER website at behringer.com for updates of X-USB firmware or system requirements. Please find the recommended hardware/software minimum configurations in the specifications section.

Note - the X32 COMPACT initially shipped with the X-UF FireWire/USB card installed. As FireWire has become an increasingly obsolete technology, we have begun optimizing the X32 COMPACT’s interface card to provide the most stable and reliable performance via USB 2.0 on any system, including new computers that do not have FireWire ports. Since there is no distinct advantage to using FireWire over USB, we are confident that this update will not pose a major inconvenience to our users.

The BEHRINGER X-USB High-Performance 32-Channel 24-Bit USB Audio Interface

The X-USB card provides 32 channel, bi-directional audio I/O via USB 2.0 to Mac or Windows PC. The simultaneous 32-in, 32-out audio channels enable extremely powerful studio and live applications. You can run virtual live sound checks or 32-track high-quality studio recordings, while at the same time remote operating your DAW via HUI/MackieControl emulation. The high speed 24-bit signal transmission and ultra-low latency ASIO drivers and CoreAudio compatibility even allow inserting audio plugins on your PC to perform advanced outboard processing.


After the console has fully booted up, you can access the Setup/Card screen to view the current channel count configuration. Depending on your application, you may want to select an option other than the maximum 32 x 32 channel count to preserve system resources.