X32 CORE: Callouts

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1. SCENE/SETUP button toggles between Scenes Recall (green LED) and Channel Selector mode (LED off) with a short press. Hold the button to enter Setup Mode (green LED) and press the button again to exit Setup Mode. The LED turns red to indicate access on attached DATA/AUDIO USB media.

2. DATA/AUDIO input allows connection of USB flashdrives for firmware updates, loading/saving scenes and show files, and playing back or recording WAV files.

3. METER displays the input level of the selected channel.

4. DISPLAY shows the channel name and icon, scene name, or setup page information.

5. CHANNEL TYPE LEDs indicate which type of channel is currently selected.

6. SELECT knob navigates the display menus and edits setup parameters. See the SELECT Knob Functions section for details.

7. TALKBACK button engages the external Talkback mic input on the rear panel. Details of the routing and operation can be defined on the monitoring preferences page of the control software.

8. USER ASSIGNABLE ENCODERS adjusts a predefined variable parameter in the software. Function to be defined in the control software.

9. USER ASSIGNABLE BUTTONS toggles a predefined on/off parameter in the software. Function to be defined in the control software.

10. PHONES output and level allow audio to be monitored directly from the unit. Details of the audio content can be adjusted in the monitoring preferences page of the control software. While in Channel Select Mode, push the Select encoder to toggle Solo on and off.

11. POWER button turns the unit on and off.

12. X-USB interface card allows up to 32 channels of bidirectional audio to be transmitted to and from a computer.

13. ETHERNET connector allows full OSC-based remote control of the X32 CORE.

14. MIDI IN/OUT allows the unit to send and receive MIDI commands via standard 5-pin DIN cables.

15. ULTRANET connector sends 16 channels of audio to a P16 monitoring system.

16. AES50 A and B connectors allow 96 channels of bidirectional audio for connection to S16 digital snakes or other X32 family products. The front panel LEDs will light green to indicate proper sync, light red to indicate a sync error, and remain unlit when no connection is present. Shielded CAT-5e cable should always be used for AES50 connections between X32 and S16 units.

17. MONITORING OUTPUT jacks allow connection of monitor speakers via balanced or unbalanced 1/4" cables.

18. TALKBACK input accepts a dynamic microphone via 1/4" TRS jack. Adjust the gain with the adjacent TRIM knob.