X32 CORE: How do I add one of the 8 internal effects to the sound?

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There are two types of effects that are commonly used:

  • “Effects Loop” (side chain) style effects, where multiple channels all send varying amounts of their signal to a common effect, such as a reverb, delay, or chorus.
  • “Insert” style effects that are inserted in to the signal path of a single channel of audio. Examples would be a graphic EQ, filter, exciter, or tube emulator.

To apply an “Effects Loop” style effect:

  • Select the “Effects” menu in either the X32-Mix or X-32 Edit software. The main screen will show the FX home screen where different effects processors are assigned to the 8 processing slots.
  • Adjust rotary encoder #6 to highlight the first effects processor; it will be surrounded by an orange outline. You may also click or tap directly on the desired processor to select.
  • Select your desired bus as the source for both the left and right inputs of the first effect processor.
  • Select a specific effect processor, such as “Ambience”.
  • Adjust FX1L and FX1R up to 0 dB.
  • With the desired effect highlighted, select the 'Edit' button beneath the 6th encoder to adjust the effect parameters.
  • Press the Home button again and tab over to the ‘sends’ page. Raise the virtual faders for the channels to which you want to add the effect. The higher you raise the fader, the more of that channel's signal will be sent to the processor.

To apply an “insert” style effect:

  • Select the “Effects” menu in either the X32-Mix or X-32 Edit software.
  • As the effects on the left side are also able to handle complex send effects like reverb, the slots on the right side shall be used for insert effects like limiter, graphic EQ, etc. You can also use insert effects on the left side, but this will limit your use of reverbs and other processor-intensive effects.
  • Select one of the effects processors on the right side; it will be surrounded by an orange outline.
  • Select a channel or bus to assign to the processor, then select “Ins” to assign as an insert effect.
  • Select a specific effect processor, such as “precision limiter”.
  • Navigate to the Home -> Config screen.
  • Select the specific processor you have applied the effect to, in this case “Ins FX 5L”. Press the encoder to connect the selected insert effect.
  • The Precision Limiter is now applied as an insert on the selected channel. Sending more than one channel through the same insert effect is, of course, prohibited. There will be a warning when you try to insert an effect slot that has already been used as an insert on any other channel. Both sides of a dual type effect can be used as inserts on different channels or buses.