X32 CORE: Introduction

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Welcome to the X32 CORE user manual! After years of intense development, we are proud to offer a mixer that combines tremendous power and flexibility with a very user-friendly layout and intuitive workflow that allow you to get up-and-running right away.

The X32 CORE is a robust-yet-streamlined mixer that features all of the basic functionality and processing of BEHRINGER's flagship X32 console in a smaller form factor. When paired with our S16 digital stagebox and either the X32-Mix iPad app or X32-Edit PC/Mac editor, the CORE becomes the centerpiece of a highly-flexible mixing system for both portable and fixed-install applications.

Dual AES50 Ethernet jacks that employ KLARK TEKNIK SuperMAC technology contribute 96 x 96 signals to the total count of 168 x 168 accessible sources and destinations. The ability to save and recall entire scenes makes set or program changes quick and simple.

A front panel USB connector enables system data to be stored or a board mix to be recorded directly to external flash or hard drives.

A virtual FX rack offers 8 true-stereo (16 mono) multi-effects processors, with 39 FX models that eliminate the need for any additional outboard gear. 4 high-quality effects such as delay, chorus and reverb can run concurrently with 8 channels of 31-band graphic equalization.

The built-in USB interface card enables streaming of up to 32 tracks to and from a computer for recording, mixing and mastering purposes.

Continue through this user manual to learn all about the functionality that this powerful mixer has to offer! We also recommend that you check behringer.com to make sure you have the latest firmware installed as we release frequent updates.