X32 CORE: Recording a 2-track directly with the console

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The X32 CORE offers the possibility to record a 2-track of your mix (or any other selection of signals) directly onto a USB-stick/external USB hard disk:

  • Plug a FAT-formatted (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32) USB stick into the USB port on the front panel.
  • In your X32-Mix or X32-Edit software, navigate to the Recorder screen.
  • On the config tab you can select the source for the recording, default is main L and R.
  • Press RECORD (encoder #5) to record your mix.
  • To adjust the volume during playback, use the virtual faders for Aux 7 and 8, which are assigned to USB playback by default.


Due to the FAT format of the stick, the file size will be limited to 2 GB, which is about 3 hours of stereo recording. Please test the recording capability of your USB device before you do the “real stuff” as some sticks may not be supported or be too slow. We also recommend you defragment your USB device prior to recording. The recording will be done as 16-bit WAV file with the selected sample frequency of the console. Please also note that it is possible that the specifications of USB storage devices may be changed by the manufacturer without any change in physical appearance or notification.