X32 CORE: Remote Control

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The X32 CORE hosts an Ethernet port on its rear panel which can be used to connect and remote control it over a network via the X32-Mix on an iPad or the X32-Edit application on a PC. To be able to do this the X32 CORE has to be set up properly.

  • Enter Setup Mode by pressing and holding the SCENE/SETUP button until the LED turns green.
  • Rotate the Select knob to select “6. IP Address.” Press the Select knob to confirm.
  • Set an IP address which fits your network, normally 192.168.0.X. Rotate the Select knob to adjust the 1st triplet (0-255), then press to confirm. Repeat this to enter the 2nd, 3rd and 4th triplet in the address. The final press will exit.
  • Set your subnet mask according to your network, normally Select setup page “7. IP Mask” and follow the same procedure as the IP address.
  • Set your gateway, if required, by selecting Setup page “8. IP Gateway” and following the same procedure described above.

Now get your iPad or remote PC into the same network and open the X32-Edit. PC:

  • On the X32-Edit, choose setup on the right side and the network tab. Enter the IP address of the X32 in the network and press connect.
  • If the software has connected to the X32 you can also synchronize them in 2 directions. Console -> PC means all settings in the X32 will be loaded into the X32-Edit. PC -> Console means that all settings in the X32-Edit will be written to the console.


  • For the X32-Mix remote, open the program on your iPad (make sure the iPad is connected to the same network as the console).
  • On the startup screen, a popup should appear. Enter the IP of the console, press “Go Online”, et voilà: you are connected and can control the X32 CORE with your iPad.