X32 PRODUCER: Display and Navigation Controls

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The controls in this section are used in conjunction with the color screen, in order to navigate and control the graphical elements it contains.

By including dedicated rotary controllers that correspond to adjacent controls on the screen, as well as including cursor buttons, the user can quickly navigate and control all of the color screen’s elements.

Color Screen: This color screen contains various displays that give visual feedback for the operation of the console, and also allow the user to make various adjustments not provided for by the dedicated hardware controls.

Rotary Encoders: These six rotary encoders are used to adjust various color screen elements located directly above them. Each of the six rotary encoders can be pushed inward to activate a button press function. This function is useful when controlling color screen elements that have a dual “on/off” type state that is best controlled by a button, as opposed to a variable state that is best adjusted by a rotary control.

Screen selection buttons: These 10 illuminated buttons allow the user to immediately navigate to any of 10 master screens that address different sections of the console. The 10 sections that can be navigated to with these buttons are:

1. Home

2. Meters

3. Routing

4. Library

5. Effects

6. Setup

7. Monitor

8. Scenes

9. Mute Group

10. Utility

Page Select Buttons: These two buttons allow for left-right navigation among the different “pages” contained within a screen set. A graphical tab display shows which page you are currently on.

Layer Up/Down Buttons: On some screens, there are more parameters present than can be adjusted by the 6 encoders underneath. In these cases, use the layer up/down buttons to navigate through any additional layers contained on the screen page.

L/R Meter: This dual 24-segment meter displays the audio signal level output from the main bus of the console.

M/C SOLO Meter: This 24-segment meter displays the audio signal level output from the mono bus of the console. When one or more channels are currently soloed, the meter switches to displaying the level of the currently soloed signal(s).