X32 PRODUCER: How do I connect a microphone, process its signal and send it out to the P.A. system?

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1. Press the Select button of a desired input channel (for example, channel 1 on the “Channels 1-8” input layer) and make sure the channel fader is down.

2. In the channel processing section in the upper left hand corner, make sure the phantom power is switched off.

3. Connect a microphone to XLR input 1 on the X32 PRODUCER's rear panel.

4. Press the 48V button to switch phantom power on for channel 1 (if the microphone requires it, such as a condenser microphone).

Note - It is best practice to mute the respective channels prior to switching their phantom power supply on or off. Otherwise, the change of charge may cause an audible popping noise. Gain adjustments might also produce audible click noise when adjust shortly after having switched phantom power on or off.

5. Use the Gain control to adjust the gain level as necessary, using the input meter as a guide.

6. Switch on and adjust the Low Cut filter as needed to remove rumble or wind noise.

7. Adjust the channel equalizer controls to sculpt the sound quality of the microphone signal.

8. Adjust the channel Gate and Compressor controls as desired. Note that by pressing the “view” button in the compressor or gate section, the main screen will switch to the compressor or gate display for the selected channel, offering additional compressor or gate controls beyond the dedicated top-panel controls.

9. Turn on the “Main LR Bus” switch in order to route the selected signal to the main LR, then adjust the Pan control to place the signal within the stereo field.

10. Adjust the Channel 1 fader to the 0 dB region, then slowly turn up the main LR fader until you hear the mic signal amplified through your P.A. system.