X32 PRODUCER: Navigation Methods

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Following is an overview of how to navigate to the different console screens, screen tabs, and sets of encoder parameters.

1. Press any of the assorted “View” buttons on any section of the console top panel to switch the screen to the content that is tied to those hardware controls.

2. Alternatively, press any of the eight hardware buttons located to the right-hand side of the screen to switch the screen to eight other areas that are not covered by the assorted “View” buttons.

3. On any given screen, press the Page Select left/right keys to navigate among the various screen “tabs” within a screen category.

4. On any given screen, press the Layer up/down keys to navigate among the various sets of encoder parameters located at the bottom of each screen.

Dedicated Screens

The eight screens described in the following section are all “dedicated” screens. They are accessed by pressing one of the eight dedicated buttons located to the right of the screen itself. This is in contrast to the “View” based screens, which are navigated to by pressing the “View” button in various sections of the console top panel.