X32 PRODUCER: Using Mute Groups

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The X32 PRODUCER has 6 separate “mute groups”. Individual channels can be assigned to these mute groups, allowing you to mute multiple channels with a single button push.

This is particularly useful in theater contexts, where groups of microphones (such as the ones belonging to a group of background performers) may need to be muted and unmuted often. By assigning them to a mute group, you can quickly mute/unmute a large group of channels, which is much faster than muting/unmuting each channel one by one.

1. Press the MUTE GRP button.

2. While holding the desired Group button (located on top panel’s lower right-hand corner), press the SELECT keys for any channels you wish to assign to that mute group.

3. When you are done assigning channels to the mute group, press the MUTE GRP button next to the display again. The channel SELECT buttons will now work normally again.

4. Press the corresponding mute group button, on the console top panel to mute that specific mute group and all channels belonging to it.