X32 RACK: Saving and recalling scenes

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Follow the steps below to save and recall scenes in the console, allowing different configurations to be recalled at a later time.

  • Adjust all settings of the console so that all elements of the mix are as desired.
  • Press the Scenes button. The Main Display will show various controls for saving and recalling console scenes.
  • Press the rotary control labeled “save” to save the console’s current configuration to the next available empty scene and label it with a custom name.
  • Adjust the console to the next desired configuration, and repeat the process above as needed, saving additional scenes to additional empty slots.
  • To recall a scene, rotate the first encoder to scroll through the list of saved scenes. A gray box will indicate which item is currently selected.
  • When the desired scene is selected with the gray box, press the first encoder and the console will switch to that scene. All console parameters will switch to the state they were in when saved to the scene that was just recalled.