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To register as a new user for the X32 WIKI:

1. Click on the “Log in / create account” link located in the top right corner of the WIKI site.


2. Click on the request one link above the Username section to be taken to the registration page.


3. Fill in the requested account information for registration.


4. At the bottom of the form, agree to the Terms of Service and click on Request Account and your new registration will then need to be approved by a X32 WIKI site administrator.


NOTE: New registration automatically assigned you the permissions to access and post on Discussion pages. If you want to be more involved in the x32 WIKI, please contact us through the CONTACT form and let BEHRINGER know. 

To log in to the X32 WIKI:

1. Click on the “Log in / create account” link located in the top right corner of the WIKI site.


2. Fill in your Username and Password and click the blue Log In button.


3. You should now see your username located in the top right corner of the WIKI site. You can now view and make changes to the X32 WIKI site.


To view recently added discussion:

Each page within the wiki has an additional page titled “Discussion”. The Discussion page is where visitors can post comments about the material that is on the product manual page. To quickly find and view all of the new discussion posts that were added to the wiki, do the following:

1. Once you have logged in, click on the Tools tab at the bottom of the left side column of the page. Click on Tools and a sub-menu will appear. Click on Special Pages.


2. On the “Special Pages” page, scroll down to Recent Changes and Logs. Click on Recent Changes.


3. This will take you to the page where you can see all discussion comment posts that have been made.


4. Notifications with the title “Talk: (Page name)” will link to the discussion pages that are in conjunction with each product manual page.


5. Click on these links and it will take you to the discussion tab where text will appear as displayed below.


To edit a added discussion:

Editing a discussion will allow you to delete the text or copy/past the text to another page that has been created such as a FAQ or On Going Discussion thread page:

1. To make changes or copy and paste the text that is located on the discussion page, click on the blue EDIT link located net to the post title.


2. A standard text editing toolbar will appear at the top of the page for you to edit and format the text if you wish.


3. At the bottom of the editing winder you will have a few additional options for the page:


Summary: this will be the title of the page.

Watch this page: Will put this page into the “Watched Pages” section for your profile.

Show Preview: This will allow you to preview the you have made before you officially save your edits.


Show Changes: This will display in yellow all of the changes per item that you made to this page. Note: below you can see that we removed the word Test from the body of the page.

Save Page: This will save all changes you made to the page.